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Enrichment Childcare

Part-Time Daycare Provides Support for Your Child and You

Do you wish you could help your toddler or preschooler explore more of their abilities? Entering them into an enrichment childcare like Lily Pads Early Learning Center puts them on the path to success while offering you extra time to focus on you, your career, and your home.


Two or Three Days a Week Makes a World of Difference


Whether you are working just a few days a week or want to give them the best of a stay-at-home parent and the social stimulation of other kids their age, our part-time daycare can take the stress of finding a qualified sitter while providing the extra enrichment they crave and need. Whether they are part of our infant, toddler, or preschool program, their class will include the right mix of kids and teachers to create an exciting and positive experience on every visit.


Giving Them the Tools to Succeed in School and Life


Our enrichment childcare includes a preschool program for kids aged 3 to 5 and introduces them to the structure of a classroom while supporting them in their rapid growth. Your child will have a head start as they will be introduced to their letters, numbers, colors, language, and social skills. Every day also includes plenty of time for play and creative exploration,


Expanding Their Future while Giving You Precious Time


While your child is at Lily Pads two or three times a week, you will have that extra time needed to run errands, re-enter the workforce, and perhaps expand your own skills through education. Should you also need extra in-home care at night or for a special occasion, we can provide a qualified childcare professional able to set you at ease while out on the town.


Open up their world and enroll your child in our part-time daycare program today. We are always accepting applications and wait list requests.

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