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Preschool Childcare

Give them a Head Start with Metro Accessible Daycare

Do you use mass transit and wish you could find preschool childcare on your commuting route? Check out Lily Pads Early Learning Center in Bethesda, MD for Metro accessible daycare that also exceeds all expectations for a safe and supportive environment for your child.


Structure and Flexibility for Fun and Functional Preschool Childcare


Our preschool program includes the state recommended Creative Curriculum that allows each child to explore their world according to their abilities and interests. There is plenty of time for play and building social skills while enrichment periods provide exposure to all the educational tools they will need when it is time to enter kindergarten. We make sure to mix up classes each day to maintain interest and enthusiasm.


Small Classes and Certified Instructors


The Purple Wise Owl preschool childcare class is made up of no more than 17 students with two instructors and additional assistants to help keep the kids engaged, happy, and interested. The teacher solely focuses on the preschool class, so there is never a distraction caused by other classes at the center. Your child will be introduced to letters, numbers, creative thinking skills, and help them grow their fine and gross motor skills.


Helping Every Child Succeed


We understand that every child has the ability to shine in their own unique way. If your child shows an interest and aptitude for art, music, building, or any other creative process, we will provide the additional instruction and support to bring that asset out. They will grow up with the confidence that their singular ability is worthwhile which helps them enter the traditional school system ready to win.


Pick up your phone to inquire about our Metro accessible daycare and put your child on our waitlist today.

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