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Toddler Childcare

Expand Their Horizons with Toddler Childcare in Bethesda, MD

Are you looking for more than a babysitter and play date for your toddler? Open up the world for them when you enroll in quality daycare at Lily Pads Early Learning Center. We work with tots of all ages starting at just two months old and provide a warm supportive environment for their every step up to enrollment in kindergarten. Your toddler will grow in leaps and bounds with our enrichment classes and fun activities.


Socializing with their Friends


Toddlers start out at 18 months in small classes of just nine kids and three teachers that help them learn how to interact with people big and small. Each activity improves their social skills and starts them down the path of cooperation, sharing, and being kind to one another. We always work with each parent to help the new lessons carry over into your home.


Preparing Them for the Future


Our quality daycare also goes beyond simple socializing skills and embarks on lessons that expose your child to their letters, numbers, colors, language, and the world around them. Enrichment classes are always able to be adjusted to each child's learning abilities and interests. When they are ready for the pre-school group, they will be experiencing their world with confidence and interest.


Certified Teachers Focus on Each Individual


At Lily Pad, we are more than just babysitters. Each of our toddler childcare classes are directed by experienced and professional infant teachers that are sensitive to each kid's emotional well-being, physical growth, and intellectual abilities. Your child will never be left behind when a skill poses extra challenges to their growing body and mind.


Is it time to enroll your child? Contact us, fill out the application and the waiting list request today. Our classes fill up fast, so don't delay.

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