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Personalized Childcare

How Personalized Daycare Makes the Difference for Your Child

Do you worry that your child will get lost at a large daycare where they must compete with a bunch of other kids for everything? At Lily Pads Early Learning Center in Bethesda we have the trained teachers and child care professionals to ensure that every one of our students gets everything they need to succeed in life.


Small Classes Focus on Each Child


With student to instructor ratios as low as two or three to one, you know that your child will receive the careful attention they need to grow in confidence and health. Your child will be part of a larger classroom, but always get the attention needed to identify situations where they struggle and flourish. Activities are created around your child's strengths and weaknesses.


A Daycare that Grows with Your Baby


We look after children aged from two months right up to the time they are ready to enter kindergarten. Our curriculum and enrichment activities constantly adjust and grow with your child, so their creativity and intelligence is challenged and supported through these most important years. We provide constant feedback to you every day through pictures and chat via email.


Close to Transportation Choices


Your daycare should also help you make the most out of your day. Our location is close to the Metro and major commuting routes, so you take less time out of your day dropping off and picking up. Do you need somebody to look after your child after hours in the comfort of your home? We also provide qualified in-home caregivers at your request.


Spaces fill up fast at Lily Pads. Complete our application and waiting list form and give us a call, so we can work together to bring your child on board as soon as possible.

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