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Quality Childcare

Certified Infant Childcare with a Focus on Growth and Creativity

Do you need to get back to work? At Lily Pads Early Learning Center in Bethesda, MD we welcome even the smallest child into our school. We accept students as young as two months old, allowing parents the freedom to concentrate on their jobs while providing quality childcare in a safe and supportive environment for your most precious child.


A Place for Your Baby to Bloom and Grow


In our Pollywog, Tadpole, and Butterfly classrooms, we have no more than six students with a minimum of two teachers and their assistants keeping a careful eye on each move your child takes. Whether baby needs to be helped, fed, changed, or entertained, all the focus of our infant childcare remains with them, so they will grow strong and healthy.


Tiny Classes for Your Tiny Person


We include enrichment activities for every child with exposure to music, colors, playtime, and physical challenges. We offer the stimulation needed to kick start your child's path to greatness. We understand which milestones are next on your baby's path and work to ensure they achieve crawling, toddling, and fine motor skills right on schedule.


Supporting Your Busy Life with Scheduling Options


If you are only going back to work on a part-time basis, we are happy to accommodate your needs. With a two or three-day care schedule, your child still receives the benefits of socializing with other kids their age while ensuring that you are able to maintain your career path. Located right on major commuting routes, you receive the best quality childcare without adding extra time to your daily drive.


Parents love our services, so space is limited. Sign up for our waiting list and start your baby on the path for a healthy and happy future today.

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