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Exciting daycare time!

We are down to the third week and it's looking much better! Again, we are grateful to everybody who continues to support our enhanced health & safety protocols to keep our center safe for everyone. That includes our amazing staff who take cleaning and sanitizing seriously, and take time to answer parents' questions and concerns in the morning during drop off. We've seen our staff enthusiastically welcome new and old parents and explained the process, assuring them of our careful maintenance for a healthy and safe environment for their children and our staff. To emphasize, the continued cleaning and sanitizing multiple times everyday of the classrooms and of the common areas, disinfecting of toys, etc and our teachers preparing interesting and fun activities indoor and outdoor for your child, help ensure healthy growth and development of children through activities in a safe environment that sparks curiosity and test their skills.

As we enter the fourth week of our reopening, we are encouraging all parents to continue to utilize our daily connect app to check their child's activities and send messages to their children's teachers. Pick up was going well with parents messaging teachers of their pick up time in advance.

One exciting activity we have this week is water play using oscillating sprinklers. In accordance to our health protocols, there will be no water tables/no small play pools in the playground. A tent was set up to provide shade to the children. For more info, please call us at 240 343 5459 or email us at

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