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Some updates -About February 2021

February saw our classrooms’ curricula take up the subjects of love and friendship for Valentine’s Day, each at their respective learning level. Lily Pads Early Learning Center would like to thank all of the parents who chose

to express their love to our teachers on the occasion of the holiday, and we reciprocate it to you all!

The month brought us wintry weather – nothing like the mild winter we got away with last year. We extend thanks to parents for their cooperation on the days when we had to close or delay our openings on account of

the weather.

The COVID-19 vaccine is, without a doubt, front and center in many of our minds these days, and we would like to reassure families that 90% of our staff have already received or booked their first doses, while two staff members remain yet to schedule. Lily Pads is deeply grateful for one of our parents who volunteered and persistently searched everywhere to find open vaccine centers and get appointments for our teachers!

In all aspects of operation, we are proud to say that our enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols remain strong. We thank our students’ families for continuing to uphold notification and quarantine procedures when they travel, and we thank both parents and staff for reporting when they or their children feel ill and for always getting seen by a doctor and/or tested for COVID-19 when this happens. We at the Center continue to deep clean our classrooms and common areas multiple times every day, require masks to be worn by all staff and children old enough, and plan and conduct lessons with COVID safety in mind.

Holding our parent-teacher conferences virtually continues to prove productive for us, and tours are also conducted either virtually or from the outside of the building, socially distanced from the prospective student’s parent.

We are also happy to share that the Center space itself is getting a makeover! All the walls of our

Center are being repainted and we love the brighter color and the improved focus and environment it offers students and teachers alike. Our painter is transforming our walls from a light yellow to an off-white color, and we hope our parents too will be able to notice a difference in the photos they receive on the daily updates app.

We look forward to the springtime and involving the outdoors in our lessons once again, in a COVID-safe way, in what we all hope is the tail end of the pandemic.

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