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Fire Drill and Emergency Preparedness

We are happy to report that our September fire drill went smoothly, and the entire Center’s response time was fast, while the movement of the children was safe and well supervised. The youngsters were cool, calm, and collected! Fire drills are held monthly, and the Center, in accordance with state regulations, also holds drills for other types of emergencies multiple times each year. For our “evacuation” protocol, we have the cooperation of the Avalon at Grosvenor Station apartment complex – on the opposite side of Strathmore Hall St. – to use its lobby as our offsite, indoor gathering point. We are currently postponing our next evacuation drill, however, to avoid having the children and staff gathered too closely in the Avalon lobby during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lily Pads will schedule and hold this evacuation drill as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our emergency preparedness plan is just part of the compliance updates and renewals the Center conducted in September. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we are happy to say September was a productive month: we held numerous parent-teacher conferences and virtual tours and saw multiple students transition to their next classrooms, all while the Center continued its ideal COVID-19 safety measurements.

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