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Week 2 of reopening: We're more encouraged to continue serving you

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

It feels so good to finish the second week of reopening! We're more encouraged to do our best after seeing both children and teachers happily re-adjusting back to daycare! We know that some felt nervous about returning at this time (though this is not completely true to all because we saw many of our children thrilled to be back and see their teachers and friends!) We do not deny that at first we were nervous as well. But knowing that our health and safety protocols meet the highest standard set for daycare centers, and having everyone cooperate with the policy of only children and teachers allowed to enter the building, no outdoor shoes policy, no visitors, everyone willingly submit to the health screening at check in, etc., parents and teachers' doubts and fears were replaced with courage and confidence that we can all work together to face and prevent this virus from paralyzing our day to day life, learning and childcare for your children, included. 

Announcement: We will be setting up a tent canopy at the playground to provide shade to the students. Water play (only oscillating sprinklers, no water tables/no small play pools) will be set up and available starting the week of July 20th. Parents are requested to send towels and extra clothes starting that week. 

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